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This ice cream food truck is based on the Airstream Trailer, a lively vehicle with a compact size and plenty of interior space. Able to travel long distances with low consumption. It offers the possibility of three people working simultaneously. The equipment includes a refrigerator for storing drinks, stainless steel shelves for serving customers and working comfortably, a large open storage area with shelves. The ice cream truck is customized with interior and exterior graphics.

Technical features of the mobile food trailer:
-13.1*6.5*7.5ft (L*W*H)
-304 stainless steel materials
-stainless steel countertop
-electric system
-LED lightning
-independent water system with hot water
-fresh water tank and gray water tank
-stove with extractor hood
-gas fryer with double kettle
-2-door fridge module under the counter

On the customer’s request, this Ice Cream Food Truck Porter was constructed with a system to connect a portable and rechargeable battery and with spaces to store large quantities of products and raw materials. What will your special configuration look like? Call us and we’ll work on designing it together.